Wichita Mountains

One of the benefits of central Oklahoma is that we have some radically different ecosystems within a reasonable drive time.

The Wichita Mountains are 1 1/2 hours to our southwest. Located near the City of Lawton and an active Army base, Fort Sill, the Wichitas have a rich history and has been a favorite of ours for several years.

We got up on January 2nd, loaded up the kayaks and got on the road.

After a coffee stop, we arrived at the refuge and drove to Burford Lake.

“Lake” is a very generous term as it’s really a mid sized pond, but its surrounded by some really great rock cliffs and is crystal clear. Filled with hydrilla it looks like a prime fishing spot.

We put the kayaks in and paddled around for a bit. I fished some but had no luck.

There’s also a really cool spillway that drops abruptly 30 feet to the runoff canyon. You can kayak right up to it but I wouldn’t recommend it.

After a short paddle, we wanted to take advantage of a warm day and get some hiking in. We continued south from Lake Burford on Lost Lake Road, then decided to hike a combination of the Kite and Buffalo Trails.

You come around a really cool lake with a cobblestone dam.

We continued west for about 1/2 mile before bouldering down into the river bed and climbing up the steep side to loop around. But first, we had to take some pictures.

Overall we only hiked a mile and a half, but it was up and down and fairly challenging.

The cool part was walking across the spillway to get back to the Kite trail. At six feet across with a 40 foot drop on one side it was a cool visual.

We wrapped up with a paddle around Lake Quahnah Parker. Still no fish…

Fun day overall, and well worth the gas money!

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