TrueFly Supply Review

When I was contacted by Dan at TrueFly Supply about trying out their flies, I jumped at the opportunity. I’ve seen their ads and have always been intrigued by another option in the monthly fly box game.

TrueFly Supply makes sure you have the right flies at the right time, with the selection picked out by their guides. Within a couple of weeks, a box was at my door with some samples.

Included in the box were some high quality decals, an ingenious keychain by Fly Vines, three leaders, and some flies.

The flies were: Sparkle Dun-Trico-CDCs, Foam Emerger-Tricos, Trico-Glass Beads, Ant Furs, Beetle-Foams, and Beadheaded Woolly Buggers.

The flies came with a description card with great tips on how to fish each one.

The high quality design of each fly was apparent from the beginning. I shortly left for a trip to North Texas for a couple of weeks and promptly broke out the Woolly Buggers. They proved to be a hit among the largemouth bass, catching this one on the second cast.

The next bass nearly yanked my fly rod out of my hands striking the Woolly Bugger.

My fall trout trip was canceled for weather but I took the foam Beetles to test out their durability with the most voracious freshwater predator in Oklahoma: Bluegill.

Between the largemouth and the panfish the flies held up extremely well. I’m really impressed with the quality and durability of these flies. I definitely plan on continuing to use them for my fly box needs.

TrueFly Supply can be found here at their website, on Facebook, and check out their Instagram feed for some great content!

*Disclaimer: From time to time I am approached by companies to write reviews of their outdoor products. TrueFly Supply provided a sample of their products for me to try. I am not receiving any financial compensation and not an affiliate marketer. – James W.

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