The Trip That Started It All

Every May, for the last 4 years, my two best friends and I embark on a kayak fishing adventure of epic proportions. 

Well, at least it feels epic.

May 2013. We wanted to go float the Buffalo River in NW Arkansas. Due to severe flooding, we packed our things and headed south on I35 towards Texas, googling as we went. The original idea was to shoot for Austin which has a pretty great kayak scene. The catch? We were barely kayakers. I had made the plunge earlier in the year, buying a Perception Pescador 10 fishing Kayak. My friend Taylor followed suit, getting an Ascend 12 from Bass Pro. Our buddy Adam, talked into the trip at the last minute, literally bought an Ascend FS 12.8 on the way to my house. Seriously.

Along the way the town of Bastrop kept coming up. Awesome power plant lake nearby, state park for camping, and the indomitable Colorado river running through the middle of town. We hit the state park at 11pm in the middle of a thunderstorm.

It took us a day to get the lay of the land, but we had a blast. Bastrop is a really chill city, with lots of riverfront businesses and a cool downtown. We spent a lot of night time at a bar called Cindy’s. It had a big bar in the middle and all of the windows opened outward for an open air effect.

We did a full day on the Colorado and had pretty decent luck, but our time was short and we hadn’t figured out the whole ferrying thing with the vehicle yet.

Still, we had an amazing time and hung out in town a lot. 

The morning that we left I even managed to land a few bass on the lake.

Unfortunately the dam on Lake Bastrop burst the next year due to heavy flooding and we’ve never been back.

Since then we have had our sites set on northwest Arkansas. More on those trips to come.

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