My wife recently had a work conference in Seattle, WA. I jumped at the chance to tag along, knowing I’d find a way to fly fish in the PNW.

For a couple of weeks prior to leaving, I did some research on where I could fish while she was working. I was unfortunately limited to Uber or public transit so it had to be close. Next time Snoqualmie.

Aside from fishing Puget Sound, there are several opportunities in the city and according to the interwebs, our AirBnB was 5 minutes away from a good one, Green Lake.

At 259 acres large, it’s plenty big enough to find a spot to fish, but small enough you can walk around it while doing so in a day. The entire lake is surrounded by a lush park with swimming areas, kayak rentals, a boathouse, and some small fishing piers. It’s a very active area, with people walking, running, and biking everywhere you look.

I decided to combine walking with a private bike share program called OFO. All I had to do was download an app, find a bike on the map, walk to it and unlock it.

Granted, I looked like Debo on that thing, but it was a great way to get around on the cheap.

Green Lake has rock bass, (yellow Perch) rainbow trout, brown trout, lots of common carp, and catfish. At one time the city of Seattle stocked Tiger Muskies to control the carp population, but the locals say the muskies died out years ago.

As for me, I caught one type of fish very consistently for three days. Rock Bass.

Beautiful fish and one I had never caught before, so they were a treat for me. Black wooly buggers were the hot item, and when I switched to other colors or flies, the bite would slow down significantly. I even went slumming, throwing an egg pattern and a mop fly while trying to entice a rainbow.

The fishing docks, when not occupied by sun bathers, were in good condition and plenty big enough.

I was told by some local fly fisherman that the heat wave (it was in the upper 80’s while I was there) had driven the trout into deeper water. At only 30 feet at it’s deepest point, “deeper water” was nowhere near the bank.

I didn’t spend the days hooking the fat stocker rainbows I had imagined, but I had a damn good time and really enjoyed the change of pace from Oklahoma.

If you’re ever in Seattle and don’t have much time, I’d highly recommend Green Lake!

Biggest fish of the trip:

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