Postfly Box Followup

It’s been around 3 months since I published my review of the Postfly Box monthly fly fishing subscription box. 

I did an initial subscription of three months, and months two and three were just as good as the first. High quality flies, really cool original decals, leaders that fit my style perfectly, and a fun gadget or gizmo in each month. One decal adorns the back of my kayak and at least two more have found their way onto my stainless Coleman cooler. Always included is a guide to the flies you receive which is awesome for a newbie like myself who’s still learning.

I was going to wait a couple of months before I entertained signing back up, but then saw an offer in my email. New subscribers get a free box of flies, which is a $19 value. Ok, ok, I’ll bite. I have a trip to the Buffalo and White River in northwest Arkansas this May so what’s the harm in a few more flies?

I placed my order using their website, and got an email on the 15th saying my order was on the way. 

I received my box a few days later. It included some rad flies, a cool decal as always, some leader, and a really nice neck gaiter that I’m sure to get some use out of.

Unfortunately, there was no extra box of flies.

After a quick email to Erin Foley I was told they would be in the mail soon.

Fast forward three days and I just got another box in the mail, suspiciously heavy.

The folks at Postfly sent me another entire April box with the extra box of flies. 

For someone very new to the sport but with a profession in customer/partner relations, I’m blown away by this level of customer service. I’ve got two more months on this subscription and now have a fly box that my experienced angler buddies are drooling over.

Definitely worth the try if you’re on the fence. 

Check them out at Postfly Box Subscribe. Their blog The Wade has a ton of great tips and info on it as well.

*I am not an affiliate marketer for Postfly Box and do not receive any proceeds from those links.

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