No is Ok

I bought new tires a few weeks ago at a national tire supply chain, having done my research, walking in, and telling them exactly what I wanted.

When the service tech suggested another tire, I firmly and politely told him no, I knew what I wanted. That was it. They ordered the tires.

While waiting to have them put on the next day, another guy came in and asked for a specific tire.

Then the games began.

“Well, this other tire is more expensive, but it’s a 6 ply and has better rain performance.”

The customer hesitated, and the service tech jumped on it. It only took him repeating himself to get this guy to cave!

In the end it cost the guy $150 more, but more importantly it cost him an opportunity to stand his ground and say No.

No is ok! Politely say no, and if that doesn’t work firmly say no. Don’t feel bad, it’s your money, dinner, vacation, etc.

Practice saying no and use it often to your advantage.

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