Beaver Tailwaters

For the second year in a row, my wife and I took a trip to Beaver Lake in Northwest Arkansas.

I started fly fishing this year and this was my first attempt to land a trout on the fly.

This year we camped downstream from Beaver Dam. The flow rate of the river was slow enough that we were able to paddle from our campsite upstream around a mile to the dam.

Fly fishing is hard enough, but balancing it with navigating a kayak was quite the challenge.

They started generating earlier than expected so our first day on the river was cut short.

Day two started with a brisk 50 degree morning and the sizzle of bacon on a camp stove. Once on the river it also proved productive for the fishing.

I finally figured out the right combination of floating fly with a midge drop and started catching rainbows.

I was almost taken aback by the veracity of the rainbows. We drug the kayaks up on the bank when they started generating and had a few cold ones for the hour the river was up.

Once the river came down we floated and fished back down to our campsite take out and got started on dinner. It was terrible.

Overall amazing trip as always and we can’t wait to go back next year. Now it’s time to get ready for deer archery season.

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